"It Takes 28 Days To Make Or Break A Habit."
This was the introduction of the 28 to Make art challenge I've started in Feb 2016. It was the first time for me to do such a task, creating something new each day following a specific but at the same time pleasing vague direction. For this occasion I created a new artistic identity Lion Tin Studio because I really wanted to start dedicating more time to illustrations and drawings which they've always been great passions to me.

28 to Make had four artists taking over one week at the time, giving the audience instructions for each daily subject without spoiling the challenge for the next day. The last day of each week was a resting day, so I'll post a memory from that day.
Hope you enjoy my works and if you would like to try it for yourself click here.

WEEK 1 Celebrating everyday objects through drawing with Kate Bingaman-Burt

Feb 15 - Day 1 "Your favorite drink" That little tin can holds the most refreshing drink in the entire world: water!

Feb 16 - Day 2 "Plant" I do not own a plant but this is what I'd like to have.

Feb 17 - Day 3 "album cover" Discovering A Great Big World was a fantastic experience and this album with no doubt is my favorite!

 Feg 18 - Day 4 "What's in your bag?" The picture speaks by itself. Never get out without earbuds!!!

Feb 19 - Day 5 "Receipt" The revenant was an incredible movie; hopefully Di Caprio will win the oscar this time!

Feb 20 - Day 6 "people watching mad-lib" It's a fun exercise where u clash together a noun, a verb, an adjective and an adverb by observing people and things around you!

Feb 21 - Day 7 "First resting day" My usual adventure bookstore Sunday lead me to discover this amazing collection of short stories from one of my favorite author, Gaiman. I highly suggest this book!

WEEK 2 Exploring line, form, and texture with Ryan Putnam

Feb 22 - Day 8 "Circles" After the resting day the new task is quite long... 30 circle drawings.

Feb 23 - Day 9 "Scribble and Shapes" Do not ask, just enjoy this sort-of-gorilla confused as much as I was while drawing.

Feb 24 - Day 10 "Blind portrait" Not really blind... but it's hard to not look at the paper and constantly staring at the mirror!

Feb 25 - Day 11 "Photo Doodle" I'm always amused by those people playing tetris like pro... this is, instead, my average game.

Feb 26 - Day 12 "Exquisite corpse" Not exactly what the assignment asked, but that zombie kept eating my corpses...

Feb 27 - Day 13 "mindmap" A very truthful representation of my plans for the day... pirates included! 

Feb 28 - Day 14 "Second resting day" Breakfast is my favorite moment of the day, getting ready for the day after a good night of sleep. It's great also if didn't have a great night of sleep... that's the magic of Breakfast.

WEEK 3 Hacking visual language and creative thinking with Lara McCormick

Feb 29 - Day 15 "People watching mad-lib" put together a noun, a verb, an adjective and an adverb by observing people and things around you!

Mar 1 - Day 16 "Blackout poetry" text's subtext.

Mar 2 - Day 17 "Tangram art" This Lego contractor just created these impossible lego pieces.

Mar 3 - Day 18 "Visualize sound" It was a very interesting exercise for brainstorming new ideas!

Mar 4- Day 19 "Note in the wild" What's better than a good reading in a rainy day?

Mar 5 - Day 20 "people watching mad-lib" put together a noun, a verb, an adjective and an adverb by observing people and things around you!

Mar 6 - Day 20 "Third resting day" Based on a true story ;)
WEEK 4 Connecting to your context through observation and lettering with Erik Marinovich

 Mar 7 - Day 22 "Shiny object" What's that thing that makes your eyes glitter? In my case books and their adventures!

Mar 8 - Day 23 "make your own marker" dice turned out to be very clumsy and messy makers; love them!

Mar 9 - Day 24 "Postcard" This is meant for everyone artists and not! Make art and live your life in its fullness!

Mar 10 - Day 25 "Make a letter" hope my childhood hero will receive that!

Mar 11 - Day 26 "Hand letter quote" The quote was "Keep smilin" an advise for your everyday life.

Mar 12 - Day 27 "People watching mad-lib"  If you haven't figure it out yet, this was my favorite assignment. 

Day 28 - Mar 13 "Final resting day" It doesn't have to be summer to enjoy ice cream! 

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