Smoke is the product of combustion, the process of burning something.
Fire is probably the best tool men discovered, and in may culture it’s not always seen as a negative element but instead a synonymous of life. When fire burns things do not simply disappear, nothing can be really destroyed, matter always transforms; after a fire we got ashes, heat and smoke, which is the most volatile and probably most negative product, and with no purposes, it simply flies away never to come back.
With the series Black Smoke, I like to, once again, associate the concept of fire with life, thinking of people as living flames, in a way we already are very similar: we produce heat, we will eventually become ashes, but one thing is missing, we don’t emit smoke, at least not physically.
Humans are driven by desire, passions and dreams, but not always we are able to achieve what we want. We may work hard for something but that does not ensure its success; all our lost opportunities, unreachable dreams then turn into black smoke.
We inevitably continue our lives towards the end, meanwhile hopes and dreams that will never be, are dispersing in the sky, never to come back.
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