Fear is a normal aspect of every one’s life, especially in our early years we’ve feared many things: being left alone, the dark, clowns, ghosts, monsters under the bed, thunders or strangers. As we grew up we tent to learn and better understand the world around us and most of our childhood fears simply vanish.
My case was quite strange, probably not unique either, just peculiar; I was scared of the moon. I was 4 and someone has told me that the moon floats in a sea in the sky, and to me knowing that gave me an unnerving sensation.
“how it’s possible? a sea in the sky? maybe that’s where the rain came from?"
I never looked at the moon in the same way for a while, being influenced by that I worked out a theory that the moon is an eye, watching down on us floating in water, space water. That made me even more scared, and on a full moon eclipse, I refused to get out of the car, since the moon was completely red. Thankfully nobody had the courtesy to tell me that a lunar eclipse is also called blood moon, that would simply make me refuse to go out at night.
As I started going to school the following years we studied science and space, learning about our planet, stars and that “rock” in the sky. I learned that there is no water in space, and the reason why the moon is red it’s just a play of light caused from the sun.
Fear was gone, and instead I was fascinated by our satellite, it is also the main protagonist of many tales and folklore, it’s origin has being theorised by many and yet there is no solid explanation. Musician, painters, storytellers they all extol the moon in their creation, such a mysterious celestial body that accompanies us in our relentless journey around the sun, in a way watching on us; maybe I wasn’t that far off thinking of the moon being an eye.
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